2-sided flyer and handbills
All the information on two sides – this is the flyer in its classic form. Choose from a variety of formats and paper types for your flyer or handbill.
4-sided folded leaflet
Your leaflet can be given four sides by simply folding it at the side or on the top. You can also choose from a varied range of formats and paper types for this version of the folded leaflet.
Letter folded leaflet
Need more space? The classic letter folded leaflet is ideal for 6 to 8 pages of content. We can offer you various formats and paper types for this folded leaflet.
Zigzag folded leaflet
A zigzag folded leaflet can be pulled out like a concertina. This leaflet can have 6 or 8 sides, depending on the type of paper and format.
Altar folded leaflet
The altar folded leaflet is an impressive option for 8 sides of content. Different formats and paper types allow you to custom design your folded leaflet.


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