General guidelines

Data supply:
PLEASE NOTE: For each order please upload only ONE PDF – with several pages within the PDF if necessary, in the correct sequence.

File type
We only accept files in PDF format. PDFs should be created in PDF/X format if at all possible. Other file formats (such as JPG, TIF, EPS) cannot be processed.

An allowance of 2 mm is made on each outside edge of every print product. This allowance is known as bleed. Bleed provides some latitude should any differences arise when the product is trimmed. It is cut off after printing. Elements such as images or logos that reach the edge of the trimmed size must be at least 2 mm bigger than the trimmed size; in other words, they must extend into the bleed area.

Safety margin
You should place images, logos and wording in a safety margin at the edge of the trimmed size to make sure that they are not cut. Please refer to the data sheet on the relevant product in Product configuration to find out how big the safety margin should be.

Colour space
Please use the colours and images in the CMYK colour space in your document. The colours cyan, magenta, yellow and black are the only ones used in printing. RGB (red/green/blue) colours are suitable for monitor displays but not for printing. This is why RGB colours are automatically converted into the CMYK colour space. Colour shifts, particularly when using loud, strong colours, cannot be avoided here.

Page format

Each page must be the same size in PDFs with several pages. The data format must correspond to the trimmed size plus bleed.

Resolution tells you how good the picture quality is: the greater (finer) the resolution, the better the quality. A resolution of approximately 300 dpi is necessary for a high-quality print. A lower resolution than this (the smaller, the worse) will affect the quality of the product, especially in the case of images.

Technical data
You will find data sheets with detailed technical information on the individual products in Product configuration and Data upload.

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