Cleanprint – professional and sustainable

Our name says it all: we print “clean”. And we do so in two senses: we supply clean work because we are Professional printers. And we print “clean” in the ecological sense: we are committed to protecting the environment.

Commitment alone does not help the environment, however. This is why we donate 1% of our order volume to projects in the Alpine regions that come about in collaboration with the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps CIPRA. According to natureOffice, by donating this amount we compensate for the average volume of CO2 emissions produced during the printing process. We thus offer climate-neutral printing.

Why do we do this? An Indian proverb says: “Trees are the pillars of the world. If all the trees are felled, the sky will fall in on us.” We want and have to prevent this. This is why our activities are consistently sustainable and we make an effective contribution to conserving the environment by means of offsetting.

Our environment concerns us all. If you decide to print with us, then you are also signalling your commitment to climate protection. Whether classic notepaper, business cards, flyers, catalogues or roll-up display: we print premium products for you to professional quality standards – and accept responsibility for our environment.

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